[Sca-cooks] SCA 50th Anniversary Challenge

Kingstaste kingstaste at comcast.net
Sun Jul 20 14:13:59 PDT 2008

Wow, you guys seem to have started on the Pennsic Season Weird Topics Thread
way early this year, can Twinkies be far behind?




I just returned from our Royal University of Meridies event, which was very
nice.  Held on a small college campus in Pulaski, TN, all of our classes
were held in the comfort of a/c, which was a blessing.  At the Pel meeting,
Mistress Solvieg brought flyers for the 50th Anniversary A&S Challenge.
There is a call out for people to start working on something that represents
50, has 50 pieces, is done 50 times, etc.  One example was a lady making 50
small knitting samples to show various medieval techniques, or a household
making 50 pieces of Kingdom Regalia.  Another idea put forth was cooking 50
medieval recipes.  His Majesty Caspar of Merieides looked at me and said
"Christianna could make 50 things to eat!".  A while later as I passed His
Majesty on the way out the door, he said "so remember, 50 things for Me to
eat!".  So it seems I have been given a personal challenge.  Our Meridian
30th Year Celebration is scheduled to coincide with our Fall Coronation
event, so I thought it would be nice if I could make a trial run at whatever
I am going to do and present it to His Maj as they step down.  

So now my quandary is, 50 of what?  50 bites of any food is a lot, so
whatever it is has to be able to keep (presuming not all of it would be
consumed at one go).  Candies or tarts or something finger-food sized comes
to mind, perhaps 50 pieces of the same item would be ok, although I like the
idea of 50 different somethings.  I have thought about candied confits, but
don't honestly think I can come up with 50 different spices/flavorings (like
orange peels) to candy.  Sauces - hard to hold.  I could carve His Majesty's
arms on 50 almonds .. ok, let me stop and sit down for a minute here - lol.


So, since the list seems to have nothing else in the way of period foods to
talk about, I thought I would float it here.  I don't know if anyone else
has heard about this challenge yet, and if not, consider this your first
notice, and what might you do to participate?  As far as I know there is no
one set contest or deadline in mind for this, although there probably will
be at some point closer to the date (A.S. L will be in 2015).  Let's
brainstorm for a bit and see what sort of weird ideas we can come up with.
With the talent represented on this list, I'm sure those ideas will take
shape in some very creative ways!



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