[Sca-cooks] SCA 50th Anniversary Challenge

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Sun Jul 20 17:04:20 PDT 2008

If you did a "banquet" of appropriate dishes and baked goods, you
could come up with 50 items pretty quickly.
Before I tore the knee out in 2002 and had to retire from doing insane
things like this I did a Banquet for the members of the Order of the Rose.
This was June and it was Hot! And it was outside next to a horse pasture 
of all things.
(Most importantly I remembered the fly netting to keep the horseflies out.)
(Ask Countess Alys what she remembers. It was during her reign.)
Some were purchased like the fruits and just arranged decoratively on 
There's around 40 different items though, so what's another 10 or so.

Peter Brears in his famous article on banquetting stuff from the first 
Leeds Symposium quotes Randle Holme's
The academy of armory where this list appears:

Third Course.

1. March-pan set with several sorts of Sweet-Meats.

2. Preserves or wet Sweet-Meats in Plates as, Pears, Plums, Cherries, 
Quinces, Grapes Respass, Pippins, Oranges, Lemmons, young Walnuts, 
Apricocks, Peaches, &c. with their Syrup about them.

3. Dried Sweet-meats & Suckets of Oranges Lem|mons Citron: or Conserves, 
or Candies, and Rock-Candies of Cherries, Apricocks, Plums, Damasius, 
Pippins, Pears, Angelica, Rosemary and Marygold Flowers, Pippins, Pears, 
Apricocks, Plums, Ringo roots: or Marmalet of Quinces, Damasins, Plums, 
Oran|ges, Pastes made of Citron: Pippins, Apricocks, Rasbery, English 

4. Bikets, Mackroons, naple Bisket, Italian Bisket, Comfeits round, 
Longs and Loseng like, Gingerbread, Almond Cakes, Apricock Cakes, 
Losenges, Quince Chips, Orange cakes, Marchpane Collops.

5. Sugar cakes, Iamballs, Iemelloes, Sugar Plate, Plum and Rasbury 
cakes, Cheese cakes.

6. Tree Fruit as Apples and Pears of diverse kinds, Che|ries, Plums, 
Strawberies, Currans, Ra•pes, Walnut, Chestnuts, Filbernuts, Dates, 
Graps, Figgs, Oranges, Lemmons, Apricocks, Peech, Dried Raisins and 
Currans, Prunes, Almonds blanched

According as the season is for them, all which several things are mixt 
and interchangably set on the Table according to the discription of the 
Gentleman Sewer.

Hope this helps


Kingstaste wrote:
> His Majesty Caspar of Merieides looked at me and said
> "Christianna could make 50 things to eat!".  A while later as I passed His
> Majesty on the way out the door, he said "so remember, 50 things for Me to
> eat!".  snipped
> So now my quandary is, 50 of what?  
>  Christianna

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