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Our local Baroness (Martelle von Charlottenburg of Bright Hills) 
noted last year that there was a challange to make 50 A&S things for 
the 50 year anniversary.  I have already started on 50 beaded things 
of which I have completed 10 items.  I am also considering making 50 
period middle eastern recipes.  Technically I have already completed 
5 recipes-2 syrups, 1 wine, 1 of herb fritters and 1 chicken dish.  I 
am spreading this out obviously.  Whatever competition is coming up I 
try to do at least 1 new entry and display my progress.

Bright Hills is doing Trial By Fire cooking competition after 
Pennsic.  I am working on 5 recipes for that competition.  Storvik 
has its dessert revel after Pennsic.  I am also shooting to have a 
period middle eastern dessert there.

Notice, if I am successful in getting entries for both events done I 
will have completed 11 recipes.  Do it a little at a time and that 
way you can get it all done with little waste.

HL Sindara
Who is enjoying learning as a result of this challenge

At 05:13 PM 7/20/2008, you wrote:
 >Wow, you guys seem to have started on the Pennsic Season Weird Topics Thread
 >way early this year, can Twinkies be far behind?
 >I just returned from our Royal University of Meridies event, which was very
 >nice.  Held on a small college campus in Pulaski, TN, all of our classes
 >were held in the comfort of a/c, which was a blessing.  At the Pel meeting,
 >Mistress Solvieg brought flyers for the 50th Anniversary A&S Challenge.
 >There is a call out for people to start working on something that represents
 >50, has 50 pieces, is done 50 times, etc.  One example was a lady making 50
 >small knitting samples to show various medieval techniques, or a household
 >making 50 pieces of Kingdom Regalia.  Another idea put forth was cooking 50
 >medieval recipes.  His Majesty Caspar of Merieides looked at me and said
 >"Christianna could make 50 things to eat!".  A while later as I passed His
 >Majesty on the way out the door, he said "so remember, 50 things for Me to
 >eat!".  So it seems I have been given a personal challenge.  Our Meridian
 >30th Year Celebration is scheduled to coincide with our Fall Coronation
 >event, so I thought it would be nice if I could make a trial run at whatever
 >I am going to do and present it to His Maj as they step down.
 >So now my quandary is, 50 of what?  50 bites of any food is a lot, so
 >whatever it is has to be able to keep (presuming not all of it would be
 >consumed at one go).  Candies or tarts or something finger-food sized comes
 >to mind, perhaps 50 pieces of the same item would be ok, although I like the
 >idea of 50 different somethings.  I have thought about candied confits, but
 >don't honestly think I can come up with 50 different spices/flavorings (like
 >orange peels) to candy.  Sauces - hard to hold.  I could carve His Majesty's
 >arms on 50 almonds .. ok, let me stop and sit down for a minute here - lol.
 >So, since the list seems to have nothing else in the way of period foods to
 >talk about, I thought I would float it here.  I don't know if anyone else
 >has heard about this challenge yet, and if not, consider this your first
 >notice, and what might you do to participate?  As far as I know there is no
 >one set contest or deadline in mind for this, although there probably will
 >be at some point closer to the date (A.S. L will be in 2015).  Let's
 >brainstorm for a bit and see what sort of weird ideas we can come up with.
 >With the talent represented on this list, I'm sure those ideas will take
 >shape in some very creative ways!
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