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Mon Jul 21 15:43:17 PDT 2008

Selene replied to Alys with:

<<< I would dearly like to hang out with Her Excellency and really get
fluent with the making of dragees.  Yes, I tried it once but it clearly
warrants a lot more practice.  Especially with nuts!  How do you get an
adequate number of sugar-layers on and yet keep them from burning? >>>

You mean other than going to the store and buying "Jordan Almonds"? :-)

You might want to check this file in the FOOD-SWEETS section of the  
comfits-msg       (62K)  2/16/08    Period candied spices and seeds.  

And as a good example that many of us are still learning, see this  
article by Alys on what she learned since spending time in England:
Smooth-Cmfits-art (12K)  5/30/07    "Historic Comfits Using Modern  
Equipment" by
                                        Dame Alys Katharine, O.L., O.P.

What *is* the difference between a comfit and a dragee?

Adamantius originally posted:
<<< Almond Dragees (basically almond confits)
Hazelnut Dragees>>>

So I assume they are similar. But Alys did put them in two different  
categories for the A&S challenge.

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