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That didn't come out right.  I am NOT counting cooking dinner in camp, only
feasts and other catered functions.  There, clear as mud. :)

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I counted them up many years ago, and I have slowed down since then
considerably.  I think at that point I was over 30, so I could be close to
50 functions by now - not just cooking for folks for dinner, but feasts,
Queen's Teas, and other catered functions.  
Have no idea how many now...

To which Antonia replied:

<<< I very briefly considered 50 feasts, but I've slowed down a bit  
These days and I don't think I'd make it... >>>

Wow! Not surprising. Is there *anyone* on this who thinks they have  
done 50 feasts, not just for something like this competition, but in  
their entire SCA career? I'm not thinking of a week's worth of  
cooking at Pennsic, but actual SCA feasts.


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