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Mon Jul 21 17:35:13 PDT 2008

Red Lobster has salad shrimp as an option on their garden salad that comes
with the dinner.

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And in the beginning of my email I agreed with that.
I'm just wondering how many people have seen bay
shrimp in a HOUSE salad, the salad that comes with
dinner, not something that you order seperately.
Expecially back in 1987.  That was the really weird
thing.  I'm no stranger to 4 star restaurants, and
that's what this was.  I would expect a 4 star
restaurant to tell you on the menu if they had
something strange in their house salad, that's all.
The whole thing is totally moot, I didn't die.
Actually the point I was trying to make was that I
didn't try to sue.
With the litigation happy society we live in, that's
an amazing thing.
--- Audrey Bergeron-Morin <audreybmorin at gmail.com>

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