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On Tue, 22 Jul 2008 09:05:01 -0700
  Dragon <dragon at crimson-dragon.com> wrote:
My mother
>>only cooked steak well-done and that is the way I ordered 
>>it when dining out as a child, teenager and young adult. 
>> However, I got better.
> Excellent! There is hope ;-)

similar here.  'steak' in our house was a thin-ish slice 
of round, fried and then simmered with onions.  looking 
back, i can only remember 'gray'.

i came to medium-rare via a husband who likes his steaks 
still moo-ing.  mine may stay in the pan or on the grill a 
tad longer, but i really dislike well done steaks now.  25 
years later. 8)

but i remain brainwashed to run from pink pork.

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