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Dragon commented:
> When i joined the SCA 9 years ago, people almost never reserved
> tickets for feasts. They just showed up. The Feast Cook had to
> assume a certain number of diners based on how many came the
> previous year. But a couple years ago, for financial reasons, we
> began limiting feasts to 60 paying diners (royalty being comped
> theirs) and that meant people really had to reserve a place. We
> still don't always require the money ahead of time, and if someone
> doesn't show, then someone else can get a place. This is only a
> problem when feasts are during bad weather season - some folks who
> didn't pay don't show, and often there are no others to take their  
> places.
> That happened to me last fall. More than 60 people requested
> tickets, so at the autocrat's request, i planned to serve about
> 72+Royalty. Then the day of the event, the weather sucked - we had
> only about 48 paying diners... Fortunately i planned a more modest
> feast than is my usual - anticipating this problem during rainy
> season, and we still made money on the feast. We just tossed out the
> extra noodles and bulghur.

I am going to push for more consistency on this on events I agree to
cook for. It would be VERY nice indeed to have reasonably firm
commitment before preparing food. We did take reservations for the
12th Night feast I headed this year but even there I was presented
with a larger number of diners than I had been informed there would
be. Fortunately, I tend to be rather generous with portions and there
was enough for all.

We do generally put a firm limit on the number of meals to be sold
but having confirmed and paid for reservations in advance would be a
good thing. >>>

For more on reservations and enforcing them, see these comments from  
pervious discussions on this topic. This is in the SCA-EVENT-PLANNING  

reservations-msg  (30K)  9/30/04    Handling feast and event  

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