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Thank you Lothar! I always do like precise information, and I've always had 
a soft spot for cooks. (;-) This confirms that I really do like my steak 
between rare and medium rare, but when I order it like that it usually 
overcooked. When did people start eating meat less than thoroughly cooked? 
Is a medium rare steak period, or is it an American invention?
Always looking for new knowledge,

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> IF you would like the "wisdom" of a professional cook with 25+ years in 
> many types of kitchens, including a few steak houses, I may be able to 
> help you. If you order your steak:
> RARE: Expect it to STILL be cool and red on the inside and just seared on 
> the outside. IF they are cooking over open flame you might get the fat 
> charred slightly as well.
> MED RARE: Warm red/pink inside and outside seared well.
> MEDIUM: Hot pink inside and seared outside with any fat well cooked. (My 
> wife likes this one. She wants the fat wll charred but inside still 
> coolish)
> MEDIUM WELL: Hot throughout with hint of pink still at center. Caramelized 
> grey brown outside.
> WELL: Hot grey inside. Caramelized Grey/brown outside. NOT BURNT.
> EXTRA WELL; Burnt offering.
> Many cooks in smaller restaurants will cheat to a little more done as many 
> people have a problem serving raw food, and MOST people really do not know 
> HOW well thay want their meats.
> BB
> Lothar
>>I made a flowery speech in front of all about how it vexed me so to treat 
>>such a fine piece of meat to such a hellish fate...I don't want cold raw 
>>meat [that has happened to me]. I like my beef juicy, but at least warm 
>>all the way through.  And I don't like the taste or texture of raw beef 
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