[Sca-cooks] Ice cream and just plain weird

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Wed Jul 23 07:16:09 PDT 2008

Sounds like a War trick to me. Something for a hot humid night.
Should make a nice vapor cloud.

(Pittsburgh has been having lots of rain this summer according to
firsthand accounts  by son who is spending his summer at Carnegie Mellon.
I know it was hot and humid last weekend at parents weekend.)


> Johnnae wrote:
>> There was an article in today's Free Press that combines
>> two recent topics, namely weird American food and ice cream.
>> Liquid nitrogen dissects ice cream to an elemental goodness
>> It's all about tableside created ice cream using liquid nitrogen.
> Lilinah wrote:
> Yeah, a Goth friend used to do this.
> We'd have pot-luck meals at his place - with his cannibal cat (yes, it 
> ate other cats), his two igaunas, big frogs in the fish tank and small 
> lizards in the bathroom, and the scorpions and black widow spiders 
> snug in their own containers.
> Then we'd go out on his balcony (big enough for a round table). He'd 
> put on a white lab coat and some big insulating gloves - put the 
> liquid ice cream mix in a steel bowl - pick up the little steel 
> thermos - twist off the cap - we'd see the vapor escaping - he'd dump 
> it into the bowl - and kapowee! ice cream - rather hard ice cream.
> And a good time was had by all.

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