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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Wed Jul 23 09:04:15 PDT 2008

debbie pond wrote:

>I am surprised to hear about the issues many of you have had with 
>vegetarians at feast.  Being a vegetarian for nearly 20 years(albeit 
>one that occasionally eats bacon and fish), I would like to say a 
>few words about this.  I do not preach about vegetarianism. I 
>respect each person's choices, and hope that they can respect 
>mine.  I have never gone away hungry from a feast(unlike some of my 
>pickier carnivore friends.)  Here in our area of the Middle Kingdom, 
>most feast menus are posted online, and I usually make the decision 
>of whether or not there is enough for me to eat based on that.  I 
>would  _never_  expect the cooks to make special dishes just for 
>me.  Please do not think that all vegetarians out there are as 
>particular and self-centered as some of those mentioned here previously.
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Oh no, definitely do not think that we are decrying all who practice 
a vegetarian diet. While I don't agree with, or necessarily 
understand, their dietary choices, I do respect them and all I ask is 
the same respect in return for mine and an understanding that while 
we try to accommodate them, they are in the minority and we cannot 
and will not go to extremes for them. It is simply the difficult 
ones, the militant, preachy, narrow-minded ones that have a sense of 
entitlement and 
types that cause the problems.


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