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Wed Jul 23 10:46:03 PDT 2008

Helena wrote:
>  We are doing South Beach as well...
>  I am having real trouble with breakfast.  I don't like to eat eggs by
>  themselves.
>  Cereal is supposed to be out, English muffins are supposed to be out.
>  What am I supposed to have in the morning?

I don't understand why people in the US feel they must eat eggs or 
cereal or bread for breakfast. In many other cultures breakfast is 
not appreciably different from other meals.

Eat anything you like and have time to prepare that the diet allows.

If you have tight time constraints, eat already sliced lunch meat 
(ham, turkey, whatever appeals to you), with the condiments you like 
(mayo, mustard). You can spread the condiments on the meat and roll 
the meat up, or you could put the meat on a large lettuce leaf and 
roll it up...

If you have time, cook something other than eggs. Sausage... 
Hamburger patty without bread... with a side salad or some other 
vegetable, or permitted fruit.
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