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I do hope you realize that vegetables are also carbs?  I was on a modified diabetic diet a year or so ago to help lower my triglycerides in my cholesterol (with the added plus of actually losing at least 10 pounds as well as lowering those pesky triglycerides), and let me tell you, there are carbs in vegetables, sometimes more than you think.  The dietician told me that cooked veggies are worse than raw ones, though... I could have only 1/2 cup of cooked veggies, but a full cup of raw ones.  I guess the cooking process brings out those carbs more.
I don't think I could do the 2 weeks without cereals (meaning wheat products), either, though... I had a hard enough time restricting myself to no more than 10 carb servings per day (each carb serving is about 15 gms of carb)... I like my cereals (which is one reason my tryglicerides are so high... that and all the sugar I seem to love <sigh>.
Maybe you could just have fruit for breakfast?  Not quite as satisfying as a cereal, but at least the carbs are not quite as high... just be sure to choose fruit that is low on the natural sugar content.  I don't know which those would be, but do know that bananas are high in natural sugar content, so stay away from them as best you can.
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Helena said:
We are doing South Beach as well - sort of.  I'll admit that this first week 
has not been entirely hard-core, though we have SIGNIFICANTLY cut back - 
salads with protein for lunch, dinner of protein and veg with no carb.  At 
least it's only two weeks that you have to cut out the carbs...  It has been 
really difficult so far. 

I am having real trouble with breakfast.  I don't like to eat eggs by 
themselves.  This is something that goes back to childhood for me - I just 
don't like the texture of cooked eggs, at all, in any form.  Cereal is 
supposed to be out, english muffins are supposed to be out.  What am I 
supposed to have in the morning? 

I also have issues with the idea of giving up things like oatmeal, which has 
so many other healthful benefits that offset, or at least balance, the carb 


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