[Sca-cooks] South Beach

Martha Oser osermart at msu.edu
Wed Jul 23 13:46:21 PDT 2008

> Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2008 12:48:19 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Helen Schultz <meisterin02 at yahoo.com>

> Maybe you could just have fruit for breakfast?? Not quite as satisfying as a cereal, but at least the carbs are not quite as high... just be sure to choose fruit that is low on the natural sugar content.? I don't know which those would be, but do know that bananas are high in natural sugar content, so stay away from them as best you can.

Unfortunately, all fruit is forbidden under Phase 1 of South Beach, the 
"detox" phase.  Too high in sugar, I guess...  But this is another part of 
the South Beach that bothers me.  No fruit for two weeks?  What about all 
the fiber and vitamins and antioxidants that fruit has?  Yes, it has sugar, 
but other good things too. 

This is not stopping me from having a glass of orange juice a couple of 
times a week.  >:) 

I didn't each much cereal as it was, and when I did, it has typically been 
whole grain things - cheerios, life, oatmeal, etc.  Breakfast for me is 
often an english muffin with salami and cheese.  I suppose if I ate a whole 
grain english muffin instead of sourdough, that would be better. 

Ultimately, this is my husband's fault.  He wants to lose weight and has 
fallen prey to the success stories of others who have done the plan.  Truth 
be told, I'd like to lose a little too, so if this gets me started on that 
path, then so much the better.  We are eating a lot more vegetables and 
leafy green things than we did last week.  It's just tough to change habits 
and I'm feeling cranky and whiny about the whole thing.  :D 


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