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I prefer my steak "medium," but I'll go for "rare" when my inner predator is
being cranky.
My husband, however, will tell the server "give it to me as rare as the
health department allows."  Once, at a restaurant in Stillwater, OK, he was
asked to sign a waiver before they would serve it as he ordered it.  I am
not making this up.

We had an older lady the church I used to go to. She was everything you
think of when you think "proper". At a church meal one time someone asked
her how she wanted her portion of the "beef whatever" they were serving.
With a very ladylike smile she said "Thank you dear, just run the cow
through the dining room and I will cut off what I want." 

My Ex-father in law wouldn't eat any meatlike substance unless it was cooked
to dry. If he thought it wasn't done enough he would pick it up off the
table, put the whole thing back in the oven and the family would sit there
until it was the way Dad liked it. After he passed away my mother in law
eased the family back to "normal" standards of meat cooking and we could
actually enjoy meat with juice in it. She told me once how it seared her
heart to ruin meat for all those years.


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