[Sca-cooks] white rice

Arianwen ferch Arthur caer_mab at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 03:01:09 PDT 2008

When my mother called me to tell me my teaching offer
had come through with "How about Japan?". My little
sister was on the list with "what are you going to
eat?" (I do NOT like fish!!!)

I silenced everyone with "I like rice" and I ate a lot
of it out with friends, although I discovered
vegetable tempura (lotus root & sweet potato ymm!)and
edamame. Pork katsudon, although I prefer that without
the raw egg poured on top at the last -- which is like
scrambled because the rice & pork are hot) yakisoba
with cabbage & carrot,

but rice with a little butter is great. But not soupy
the way grandmother cooked it.  Dry where it has
absorbed all the liquid, not drained after boiling
like spaghetti (Australia?)

Arianwen ferch Arthur
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