[Sca-cooks] South Beach

Martha Oser osermart at msu.edu
Thu Jul 24 09:21:32 PDT 2008

Euriol wrote: 

I can eat anything I want. What I have learned is
> how to eat in healthy moderation. To that end, I have managed to maintain a
> loss of 45 pounds since I started this program. Not the most successful
> weight loss I know, 

Yay, moderation!  Yay, eating what you want! 

45 pounds is an AWESOME weight loss.  Don't disparage yourself about that.  
If you are happy about the loss and the way you look & feel and the food you 
eat, then you're successful! 

I'm a big believer in moderation myself.  Portion control has helped me lose 
weight many a time, while still eating "bad" treats *occasionally* and never 
feeling like I have to deny myself the things I really want to eat. 

Time to get back to packing for War... 


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