[Sca-cooks] Vegetarian & Vegans was Re: lethal drinks

Audrey Bergeron-Morin audreybmorin at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 09:02:00 PDT 2008

> Eating at a
> restaurant and then sitting at a feast and not eating would be a *really*
> strange thing to do.

No, usually when they eat at restaurants they don't come back
afterwards. What I meant is that we usually set a few tables aside to
sit those people who don't eat feast for whatever reason, be it
because they can't eat the food being offered, or because they can't
afford the feast (in thoses cases, it's very rare they don't end up
with a portion of everything because they keep being offered food
after those who paid have taken their share).

This way, they can stay with their friends and talk (and drink, and
sing!), and they can also enjoy the entertainment being offered during
the feast.

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