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Stefan li Rous wrote:

>To which Dragon said:
><<< That's because people don't understand that you don't roast OVER the
>fire but to the SIDE of it.>>>
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The time to cook is of course dependent upon the size of the pig, the
diligence of the cook in maintaining the fire at the proper level,
turning the spit regularly, and even in how the pig has been trussed
and prepared for roasting. A small pig may well be overcooked in 5
hours and a large one may need as much as 8 or 9 hours. > > > > > > >

Spit and fire cookery is more art than science in my experience.  Dragon is
preaching the Word when talking about that fire.  It is the key to the whole
success of the project.  Banking coals, feeding the fire, turning the spit,
basting the meat all are part of managing the cooking process of a whole
carcass.  Fire must be seen as a "living" entity at that point in order to
understand it and use it successfully . . . not unlike forge management.

pacem et puerco,
niccolo difrancesco

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