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To the 'cooks' list and all of His Highness Gunther's good friends...
thought you all might be interested in these pictures.

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I've just finished posting 100 photos from today's Crown Tournament to my 
photo website.

The address is : http://photos.northkeep.org/thumbnails.php\?album=44

(If our server acts grumpy and the direct link doesn't work, please visit 
http://photos.northkeep.org  - then click on User Galleries \ then select 
Zubeydah \ then scroll to the bottom and select 'Crown Tournament 2008')

As always, help with identification of folks in the pictures is always very, 
very welcome. Additionally, if individuals would like to register and join 
the site (please email me off list so I know that it's a real person 
registering and not a 'spambot'), then you can add comments to individual 
photos, as well, which I welcome.

In service,

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah

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