[Sca-cooks] Not a bridesmaid this time...

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 27 20:33:01 PDT 2008

Elizabeth and I are very excited and relieved at finally
making it through. After 5 times in a row of placing second
I had begun to doubt I'd ever make it. 
The day was very hot and the fighting was tough. The final
round went to three fights so I wasn't sure if I had it. It
was so warm that the Finals were moved away from the tourney
field to a shaded spot to keep folk from passing out. 
We will be at Pennsic and heading out this Saturday. Please
look for us in the Ansteorran encampment and say Hello. Please
forgive us if we look a little harried. 
It has been 10 years since I was last Crown. Wow, where does the
time go?
Another bit of interesting trivia is that the last Ansteorran King who
was also a Laurel was King Inman MacMoor in 1994.
And I haven't left yet, so be careful with the silly stuff!
Still just Gunthar
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