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 On Mon 28/07/08  7:09 AM , Margaret Rendell
m_rendell at optusnet.com.au sent:
 Ian Kusz wrote: 
 > Not to mention, I'd be happy if we switched to buffalo meat; they
don't have 
 > nearly the greenhouse gas problem as cows, they produce leaner
meat, the 
 > hide is even more useful (can be used for leather or fur-rug type
 > and they're much easier on grasslands than cows (leave less
devastation on 
 > the grass). 
 > Don't have to contribute to global warming to get a nice steak; we
just need 
 > to switch how we get it. 
 same argument applies in Australia, but the switch is to kangaroo
 Shush!  Not too loud... If everybody finds out how kangaroo is not
only less environmentally damaging but also, SO damn tasty then
everybody's gonna want some and the price will go up...
 ps.  Did a full feast from YSCY and Cloud Forest Hall rules the
other weekend... Full report to follow...

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