[Sca-cooks] Why X and not Y

Jennifer Thompson jthompson at marlow.com
Mon Jul 28 13:15:01 PDT 2008

I suspect a good deal of the offering range may be regional. I can
almost always get venison and lamb and sometimes even odd-to-me meats
like emu, along with boudin and other sausages, from a local specialty
grocer. On the other hand, the local chain grocery carries lamb
infrequently and I've never seen venison of any sort there, but usually
has pig's feet and ears and beef tripe.

But then I live in a large metroplex with numerically significant ethnic
populations of more than one (please excuse the pun) flavor. I suspect
that may be the difference. Buyers here request pig's feet *and* sushi,
and so our local store stocks both. 

...... or why do they sell lamb, beef, chicken freely, or rather  
commonly in supermarkets, but not deer? Or baby lamb, but not  
mutton?  Can you get mutton freely in Britain?
Just wondering...
Have I been banished to the Rock?

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