[Sca-cooks] Why *X* and not *Y*?

S CLEMENGER sclemenger at msn.com
Mon Jul 28 20:04:55 PDT 2008

It's not some "let's all be stoopid, insular Americans" cultural thing. 
It's a cultural thing.  In every culture.  Although what is considered 
weird/unusual varies...with the culture.  Could be religious, dietary, 
emotional, personal quirk with a texture or smell, all kinds of things....
I'm mildly curious about the kangaroo meat, but just cuz something's out 
there, probably edible, and I'm from a species of omnivores doesn't mean I 
*have* to eat it....I'm emphatically not interested in deep-fried pizza, or 
balut, or twinkies (all from different cultures)....

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> Please...... What does kangaroo taste like?  And please don't say
> chicken...... It's just that after reading this thread for a
> while..... now I am curious as all get out.
> It strikes me as curious that we  (used as a general pronoun) get
> certain mind-sets that  *X* is OK to eat (ie,, beef) while *Y* is NOT
> OK to eat  (ie dog) in this culture anyway. And I mean that as an
> emotional reaction, not religious or dietary. 

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