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Tue Jul 29 08:49:45 PDT 2008

Nick Sasso wrote:

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>Lawrence Bayne wrote:
> >Many stores in California with a large Asian clientele sell horse meat.
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>If they are, they are in violation of the current law in California
>which bans the sale of horse meat for human consumption. It has been
>that way for some years now after a ballot initiative enacting that
>insanity was passed. I forget exactly when that was but it is in force now.
> > > > > > >
>Speaking with the experience of having been local Police Commissioner, "in
>force" and activelly "enforced" are two different legislative and police
>realities.  Drop a dime (or quarter or 50-cent piece) on them, and you may
>get an investigation on a slow shift.  Probably not a high priority for men
>with badges to run sting operations.  That makes me curious whether Georgia
>has any such food prohibitions.  I know we can eat legally squirrels,
>opossum, armadillo, muskrat, beaver and capybara . . . not sure about horse
>and other domisticateds like dog, cat and guinea pig.
>niccolo difrancesco
>(yes, we had a "wild" capybara trapped in our city)
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Oh believe me, I understand the realities of law enforcement. I am 
just saying that it is illegal for them to do so under the law as it 
stands which bans the sale, production, and importation of horse meat 
in California for human consumption. It was a ballot initiative that 
never should have been placed on the ballot and never should have 
passed in the first place. It is an idiotic ban based solely on the 
"we don't eat horses because they are cute" argument and put out 
there by organizations like PETA for no valid reason.

Now what I think is an interesting possibility is that this law can 
likely be struck down on grounds of interference with interstate 
commerce because of the importation clause. Nobody has seen fit to 
challenge it, but it has a high likelihood of going down as 
unconstitutional on that point.

Then again... there is also the idiotic ban on foie gras that is set 
to begin in 2012...


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