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Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 29 13:59:56 PDT 2008

Unlike some other recent posters, my birthday isn't near any 
holidays. But it's in the middle of the 3rd week of August, when, as 
a kid, i and my friends were away at summer camp, back when school 
started the day after Labor Day.

So i began holding my birthday parties near Halloween. My mom, an 
artist, even painted a mural on one of our basement walls of a spooky 
old house, creepy bare trees, rickety iron fence, and other assorted 
stuff. Much later, as an adult, i calculated, and i was probably 
conceived around that time (i was a couple weeks "late").

I haven't celebrated a birthday for almost 20 years, and that one was 
just me and my daughter and a truly excellent chocolate cake. I'm 
hoping to do it twice next year when i turn 60. I want one at a West 
Kingdom event - but the only one near my birthday is Purgatorio, one 
many people skip :-( So i'll either have to do it at June Crown or 
October Crown, so my in-kingdom friends can come.

And i'd like to have a party during Pennsic week 2. Yeah, yeah, i'm 
hoping to go back again next year for a 2nd time. With the shift of 
dates my birthday isn't actually during Pennsic, about a week after. 
But i want to celebrate with my out-of-kingdom friends! I'm thinking 
of camping with my kingdom, since that's in an easy-to-get-to 
location (not far from the big foofy coffee house "Your Inner 
Vagabond", which was soooo not worth the price).

I'll have to figure out the logistics: food, beverages, shelter 
(given Pennsic's weather potential), how to invite folks, best 
evening to have it (if in the West encampment, NOT the night of the 
West's drunken Tropical Tiki Viking blowout), etc.

I am soooo not a party planner...
Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
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