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> So i began holding my birthday parties near Halloween. 
>My mom, an artist, even painted a mural on one of our 
>basement walls of a spooky old house, creepy bare trees, 
>rickety iron fence, and other assorted stuff. 

may i say i am emerald green with envy for such a great 

my birthday?  it's the anniversary of the day my husband 
(then boyfriend) and i each had a left leg broken in a 
motorcycle accident.  both of us hospitalized with tickets 
to othello that evening (james earl jones and christopher 
plummer) and too bombed to think of trying to give them 

and two years later, it was the day we got married.   and 
the date of the parade to celebrate the baltimore orioles 
winning the pennant (which wound in front of the 
courthouse where we were married, screwing up traffic for 

he said it was easier to: a) remember a couple of things 
at one time    and   b) remember things if catastrophe was 
attached to make it really memorable.

this year i am 56 and will be married for 25 years.  let's 
hope nothing gets put on top of it this year.

"Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy which 
sustained him through temporary periods of joy."
W. B. Yeats
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