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You can, if you want-but I have not had one since we left New Orleans in 1972. 

I have tried to find a decent recipe, to make one, but they always turn out dry and tasteless. I think it is the oven, which is anceint and belongs somewhere else other then my kitchen.

I have decided I need to win the Lottery...then maybe I can have House of My Dreams, which includes a kitchen with double 40" ovens....

If you are going to dream, dream BIG!

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> How did the family handle my Birthday? One Grandmother would send me a 5 dollar bill in a birthday card, and say it was for both my birthday and Christmas. The other Grandmother always gave me clothes on my Birthday and a toy or jewelry?at Christmas (she died when I was 14)?
> Somewhere around the age of ten, I informed the parental units that my birthday cakes were Christmas Cakes, not Birthday Cakes-too many snowmen and Santas. I wanted a normal birthday cake...after that, I got either roses on the cake, or I got Dobach (sp) from a German bakery in new Orleans...I miss those cakes.?
> I hear you there! My birthday falls on Thanksgiving every few years, and even when it's on a different day, it's close enough that I don't remember the last time I had a real birthday cake. My mom used to stick a candle in the middle of the pumpkin pie. X-P) Last birthday party I had was... er, 1980. Been awhile.?
A Dobosch torte? Oooh! Pernit me to envy you!?
another holiday b-day,?
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