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Ok.  As far as it getting post marked - it will only
get postmarked by midnight on April 15 if you hand it
to the postal workers behind the desk.  The mail boxes
have specific pickup times and if you don't make that
time, you have to bring it to the post office.  Maybe
i should say by the due date, since if April 15 falls
on a Saturday or Sunday, then the Taxes are due the
next Business day.  One other thing, April 16 is
Emancipation day and the IRS is closed on that day. 
So if April 15 is Sunday, then the IRS is closed on
April 15 and April 16.  Taxes are due on April 17. 
That's what happened in 2007.  This year it was a
Tuesday and that's when they were due.  

Payments - You send your taxes by April 15.  If you
owe the IRS you have to pay in full by April 15, or
call the IRS to make payment arrangements.  If you
don't make payment arrangements, you will owe them
interest and fees.  Also if you have made a mistake on
your taxes, they change them and send you a letter,
telling you why.  If you disagree with the changes,
they give you a month to dispute the changes.


> a) doesn't it get post-marked that day if you just
> drop it in a kerbside box? Why do you have to go in
> to the office?
> b) am I reading this correctly that you have to send
> any payment owing when you submit the return? Now
> I'm wondering which aspects of the whole thing might
> be different there... We have to submit the form (by
> post or electronically), by 31st October, and then
> some time later we get either a bill or a payment,
> depending on what it worked out to be. A bill you
> can pay by direct transfer from your bank account
> via phone or internet, by cash or from your bank
> account at the Post Office, or by mail. Payments
> usually are just paid directly into your bank
> account, but you can get sent a cheque if you want.
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