[Sca-cooks] A question about venison

rattkitten rattkitten at bellsouth.net
Wed Jul 30 18:46:17 PDT 2008

Ok now you are going to get a ton of suggestions... but I simply treated 
mine like steaks and marinated them in Balsamic Vinegar overnight.  Then 
cooked them to Medium Rare (I was being cautious since it was wild game 
meat...) ((Usually I eat it straight off of said animal...))
You will also hear about soaking the steaks in Buttermilk to remove the 
"gamy taste" but I mean hey it is what eating the damn meat in the first 
place is about right? Getting the flavor of the meat!!!!
I have also marinated them in Bourbon.
Both times the meat was delicious.


Jennifer Carlson wrote:
> I've been given some venison steaks, and am seeking suggestions of how to season and cook them.  Does anyone have a favorite way of preparing them?  
> Talana

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