[Sca-cooks] Lenten feasts

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Mon Jun 2 08:35:54 PDT 2008

Stefan li Rous wrote:
>Dragon asked:
>>I keep contemplating a "fish feast" for Lent, some year.  Interested?

Actually that was Selene... I merely quoted her.

>I'm interested, what exactly do you have in mind and would this be
>for an event or maybe an event in itself? >>>
>In my earlier post I was concentrating on fish feasts and not Lenten
>feasts in general. Here are some Lenten feasts which have been done:
>Lenten-Fst-mnu-art (9K)  4/ 4/04    The menu for a small feast in
>Lent by Brekke
>                                        Franksdottir.
>Mid-Lent-Dnnr-art  (7K)  4/27/01    A Mid-Lenten dinner by Rudd
><<< Hmm... that gave me an idea... what about doing a feast solely for
>the purpose of doing a feast? Why does it necessarily have to be tied
>to another event? >>>
>Like this one?
>Just-a-Feast-art  (32K) 11/ 2/03    "Just a Feast" by Lady Katherine
>Rowberd. An
>                                        SCA event organised around
>just a feast.

Probably. We are scheming away over here in Caid... :-)


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