[Sca-cooks] "Fresh" Cheese Question

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Jun 3 04:06:08 PDT 2008

My copy of the recipe came through ok but for those who ended
up with a messed up version, the recipe is online as part of:
Thomas Austin's Two fifteenth-century cookery-books/


It's on page 75. It's also up at Doc's site:

There's also this one which is mid 16th century.
from the 1545 *A Proper newe Booke of Cokerye

*To make a tarte of Chese. Take harde Chese and cutte it in slyces, and 
pare it, than laye it in fayre water, or in swete mylke, the space of 
three houres, then take it up and breake it in a morter tyll it be 
small, than drawe it up thorowe a strainer with the yolkes of syxe 
egges, and season it wyth suger and swete butter, and so bake it.


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>> And to muddy the waters even further there is another of these recipes.
>> The "Auther Tartus" is indexed in the Concordance as another Tart out of 
>> Lente.
>> It's in Harl. 4016
>> Auter Tartus. ¶ Take faire nessℏ chese that is buttry, and par hit, 
>> grynde hit in a morter; caste therto faire creme and grinde hit togidre; 
>> temper hit with goode mylke, that hit be no thikker 

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