[Sca-cooks] okay you have $7500.00 usd to build a library

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Tue Jun 3 15:39:35 PDT 2008

One could also think of splitting the amount in, say, two or three parts.

The first part: buying certain books that are rarely found in public collections nor in individual collections.

Example: the B.IN.G. catalogue.

The second part: hiring a person, who produces one or more digital version(s) of one or more important cookery text(s), that is not yet available elsewhere.

I mean: buying a book that is physically available in, say, Seattle is one thing, producing a well chosen contribution to our digital stock of cookery books, that are available all over the world is another thing.

The third part: hm, no, I think I won't propose a third part. There are many bibliographies around, most of them online. If anything, one might think of an online guide to the bibliographical tools in cookery bibliography. (Perhaps, such a tool already exists somewhere.)

Spending money is easy. Spending money in a reasonable way is not an easy thing, however.


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