[Sca-cooks] Digests - SORRY

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 16:34:59 PDT 2008

Dragon wrote:
> Suey did speak thusly:
>> Dragon wrote:
>>> I despise digests and I would be very unhappy if that were forced upon me.
>> and ble, ble, ble.
Obviously Dragon and Phil Troy took the phrase "ble, ble, ble" as an 
insult when the opposite was meant. I snipped the rest of Dragon's 
message because I know you all have excellent memories and why bore you 
with something you all ready know which is an explanation of "Digests" 
and I saved. My total apologies. Perhaps you can provide me with a 
better phrase when I don't think more explanation is required.
>> You forget Dragon I am a foreigner.
> No, I did no such thing. I have a far better memory than that. 
You see, all of you have have excellent memories!
Many thanks to both of you and to Amy Cooper and Lilianah, who didn't 
flip out with my terminology -, many thanks for your patience and 
I shall ask Dragon to put me on Digest. I sounds great. You know I never 
receive personal calls at the office and every time the bell rang that 
SCA had a new message for me it unnerved me so this does sound like the 
solution I need.
Gunther wrote:
> Actually, after seeing the posting I may switch his membership to a far
> more limited access. Suey, have you EVER seen people on this list
> lead people astray for laughs? Have you ever heard someone give
> bad advice deliberately?
> Being foreign really doesn't excuse being rude to people attempting to
> help you. I would have stepped in earlier but I felt the populace on this
> list gave you as good or better advice as I. The problem had taken 
> care of itself to my mind. But your flippant dismissal was unchivalrous
> and rude.

My total apologies as expressed above I had no intention to be 
"unchivalrous" or "rude". On the contrary, I appreciate to no end the 
exchange of information which SCA members share. I totally enjoy sharing 
what knowledge we can, trying help others and being personal about our 
mutual concerns. We have a lonely route studying medieval food.
I like it when you get mad at others but not when you get mad at me :-! !

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