[Sca-cooks] Digests - SORRY

Lilinah lilinah at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 4 16:50:02 PDT 2008

Suey wrote:
>Dragon wrote:
>  > Suey did speak thusly:
>  >> Dragon wrote:
>  >>> I despise digests and I would be very unhappy if that were 
>forced upon me.
>  >>>
>  >> and ble, ble, ble.
>Obviously Dragon and Phil Troy took the phrase "ble, ble, ble" as an
>insult when the opposite was meant. I snipped the rest of Dragon's
>message because I know you all have excellent memories and why bore you
>with something you all ready know which is an explanation of "Digests"
>and I saved. My total apologies. Perhaps you can provide me with a
>better phrase when I don't think more explanation is required.

See... i cut your post, and i write the word "SNIP" at the cut. I 
usually do it in ALL CAPS and i put it on the next line after the 
cut. Some people do it on the same line as the cut, some people put 
is (in parentheses), etc.

But it's that simple...
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