[Sca-cooks] SNIP

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed Jun 4 19:51:09 PDT 2008

Jes Louise it is difficult to write in American!
Lilianah wrote:
> Suey wrote:
>> Dragon wrote:
And who wrote???
>>  > Suey did speak thusly:
>>  >> Dragon wrote:
>>  >>> I despise digests and I would be very unhappy if that were 
>> forced upon me.
>>  >>>
>>  >> and ble, ble, ble.
>> Obviously Dragon and Phil Troy took the phrase "ble, ble, ble" as an
>> insult when the opposite was meant. I snipped the rest of Dragon's
>> message because I know you all have excellent memories and why bore you
>> with something you all ready know which is an explanation of "Digests"
>> and I saved. My total apologies. Perhaps you can provide me with a
>> better phrase when I don't think more explanation is required.
> See... i cut your post, and i write the word "SNIP" at the cut. I 
> usually do it in ALL CAPS and i put it on the next line after the 
> cut. Some people do it on the same line as the cut, some people put 
> is (in parentheses), etc.
> But it's that simple...
Mi lady, thank you for your patience. I have only seen the word "SNIP" 
in SCA mails and I was embarrassed to ask you what it means.

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