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Olwen the Odd olwentheodd at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 5 10:14:16 PDT 2008


It is with a sad heart that I need to share, Lord Adam of Erin (Warren Ryan) of Highland Foorde, Atlantia passed away on Tuesday, June 3 with his wife and sister by his side after a long, strange illness.

If you have been to a House Blackstar Mongolian Stir-Fry night at Pennsic then you have met or seen Adam.  He was the big burley fellow behind a wok with the engaging smile and tons of stories, puns, laughter, and did I say stories?

Adam, being senior apprentice to Master Chirhart Blackstar, was often found in kitchens, and when he could escape he fought heavy, then settled into being marshal.  He had a small but productive armoring shop and was highly active in many areas of his Barony and the SCA.

I am unsure if they have been contacted yet with this information so if anyone here has the contact information for Maximillian & Lethrenn and Amalric & Kia please share the news as Max and Amalric have both sat in line as "wok-boy" with Adam, sharing all the fun and laughter.

I am sorry for the intrusion to the list.

.....raising my glass in fond memory...

Dame Olwen the Odd
House Blackstar

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