[Sca-cooks] Lord Adam of Erin very sad - OT

Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 5 13:27:36 PDT 2008

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I am unsure if they have been contacted yet with this information so if
anyone here has the contact information for Maximillian & Lethrenn and
Amalric & Kia please share the news as Max and Amalric have both sat in line
as "wok-boy" with Adam, sharing all the fun and laughter.

I am sorry for the intrusion to the list.

.....raising my glass in fond memory...

Dame Olwen the Odd
House Blackstar  > > > > > >>

Is he one of these guys?  I played a wok-boy on TV at Pennsic War XXIX.  Ity
was a blast, and the passing of ANY of these gnetelman is a loss to us all.


I will forward the information on to Max and Lethrenn.

pacem et bonum,
niccolo difrancesco

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