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I've eaten eel.  It's not bad (damned fine in sushi, actually....).  It's 
surprisingly rich.  I do not, voluntarily, do offal or organ meats.  Don't 
care for the texture and flavors.
When I first started doing SCA cooking, I had a horrible time with ooky 
textures--skinning chicken, mixing or shaping ground meat.  Not the fault of 
the food...I simply have a horrible time with the texture thing--almost a 
phobia, although repeated exposure (and needing to bone and skin 40 lbs of 
chicken one time) has largely gotten me over it.
Deal-breakers in recipes usually involve an ingredient I can't get for a 
reasonable price (and can't come up with a good substitute for)--like most 
fresh fish (we're distinctly inland) or lamb (tasty, but nearly impossible 
to find at a reasonable price), or an unusual technique that I don't have 
time to learn (or the skills to handle, if I've tried).  I'm a fairly 
competent, basic cook, but advanced chef-y stuff is out of my league. 
Butchering is out of my league.  All mostly because I'm so bloody busy with 
other things in my life that I don't have time to learn much.
Local/regional tastes, food-wise, at least in our SCA groups as a whole, are 
pretty conservative.  Folks are okay with going for regional or ethnic 
effects, but they still want meat to recognizably be meat, veggies, veggies, 
starches, starches, etc. Fall-back feast menus tend to include roasts with 
sauces, rather than unusual pottages or dishes.

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> jenne at fiedlerfamily.net wrote:
> > When I first started cooking SCA-period recipes, almond milk was a deal
> > breaker. Then it was pie crusts (I still don't make my own). Now... I
> > couldn't tell you for sure what my deal breakers are, except maybe lamb,
> > brains, and most offal. Anyone else have 'deal breakers' in period
> > recipes?
> >
> >
> Organ meats/offal, or marrow. And I haven't the courage to eat eel.
> 'Lainie

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