[Sca-cooks] Campbell's Scotch BrothRE: OOP: Cottage Cheese&Butter - US vs. Canada

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Fri Jun 6 15:06:47 PDT 2008

> All the grocery stores up here in Washington do not carry it any more
> so I just get a case when I go north across the border.
> The meat in it is Mutton and Beef.
> Eduardo
> I apologize... looks like you may be right.  At least on the scotch broth
> produced in Canada.  I can't find ingredients on their website but most of
> the sites I'm seeing show mutton broth and show "seasoned chunked lamb" as
> well as "seasoned chunked beef".  Interesting if that's also the 
> ingredients
> where I've gotten it, as I would expect it to be more expensive with lamb 
> in
> it.  Also interesting that the places I'm seeing it all seem to be showing
> it as a "Product of Canada".  Now I'll have to check Albertsons next time
> I'm here and see if it's being imported, and what the ingredients are in 
> the
> US if it isn't.

Scotch Broth and Pepper Pot are still being made by Campbell's but a lot of 
major stores don't carry them because the distribution center decides that 
it can't sell them because nobody buys them  (just check the sales figures) 
because they aren't on the shelf  (Catch 22).  I buy mine at a local budget 
grocery that carries a lot of thing the big chains don't handle and is 
roughly a price match for WalMart.

If you buy by the case, you can probably get one of the chains to order it 
for you and if a store is selling that much, the distribution center may 
take to stocking it.  Margaret once got a grocery store manager to order a 
case, half for her, half for the shelf.  When the store sold out a few hours 
after stocking the half case, the manager was able to get the distribution 
center to add Pepper Pot to the regular stock.


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