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> Gavin Menzies is at it again.  This time we get "1434: 
> The Year a 
> Magnificent Chinese Fleet Saile to Italy and Ignited the
> Renaissance." 
> Right.
> I've been looking over Menzies's website and I
> would say the evidence for 
> this one is even shakier than that for "1421." 
> What's posted on the website 
> appears to overlook Dante, Boccaccio, Petrarch, Donatello,
> Brunelleschi, 
> Sangallo, and a host of others who were merrily creating
> the Renaissance 
> well before the alleged Chinese visit.  It also doesn't
> mention the flow of 
> Classical and Arab works out of Spain after the Spanish
> took Toledo and 
> Cordoba in the 11th Century.

I'll see. We discussed this on the AH.com Alternate History foruim and pretty much agreed that was a good place for it, but I'm sure to want to read it. Menzies is entertaining, and he writes a lot better than e.g. Däniken or Heribert Illig (who claims that the Merovingian era, the Umayyad dynasty and the early Anglo-Saxon kingdoms are all fictional). 


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