[Sca-cooks] Original Recipe Wanted

Helen Schultz meisterin02 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 19:01:55 PDT 2008

I have a nifty recipe called "Crustardes of Eerbis on Fyssh Day" that is supposed to be from somewhere between the 14th and 19th century (although, I think it is earlier, based on the spelling of the title).  The book it is in doesn't list the actual Medieval recipe (sadly), but does reference one small part of it, again, with the 14th century type spellings.  I would love to find the original recipe if possible.  It is basically a kind of fish tartlet or pie, using Haddock, pepper and cinnamon for the main fish, and the sauce contains shelled walnuts, parsely, thyme, lemon balm (that is probably modern), rosemary, lemon juice (for the verjuice of the original recipe, the author says), and saffron.  I have made this as small individual tartlets (like little pillows) and they were very well received.  
Any help would be more than welcome.

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