[Sca-cooks] Recipe Deal Breakers

Audrey Bergeron-Morin audreybmorin at gmail.com
Sun Jun 8 10:24:39 PDT 2008

> is that I won't work with phillo dough, or anything that delicate and hard
> to work with.

Ehe... and every time I use it I wonder why people always say it's
hard to work with... But then, I'm also very good at origami ;-)

For me, the deal breaker is usually something that needs to be
prepared a few hours in advance. Soaked the night before,
pre-cooked... I'll marinate things in advance, because I like things
overmarinated anyway and if they soak for an extra day it doesn't
bother me. I rarely know what I'll eat tonight or tomorrow, just what
is available to me this week, so preparing something in advance,
unless it's for a special event, doesn't work with my way of planning

Also, recipes that ask for 42 ingredients are usually pushed aside, or
ingredients I have to hunt down.

Again, in every case, it really depends on the occasion. I'm willing
to try anything if the day's special enough...

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