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Master Johann's the one to ask, but I suspect that looking at Jungle
Fowl, which are believed to be the ancestor of most modern chickens
would give you an idea.


 If you look on the McMurray site, you can get an idea of how many
variations there are.

I'd like to get some period chickens, to go with my period geese, but
Margali won't let me. And, I'd dearly love to order one of their


Wouldn't mind this one, either:


For those that are interested, there's another outfit that has some
pretty good deals:


That's where I got my ducks and geese.

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 11:33 PM, Audrey Bergeron-Morin
<audreybmorin at gmail.com> wrote:
>> http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/product/black_giants.html
>> http://www.mcmurrayhatchery.com/product/white_giants.html
>> These two breeds are bloody Huge, with roosters standing waist high on me.
> Waist-high? Those must be SCARY animals when they disagree with you or
> decide you're not where they think you ought to be!
> Bringing this back to SCA context... how big were medieval chickens anyway?
> I remember conversations about the size of eggs, but I don't remember one
> about the size of chickens...

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