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euriol euriol at ptd.net
Thu Jun 12 08:02:17 PDT 2008

 I'll be teaching a class in redacting recipes in the next couple of
weeks, and the recipe I've chosen as an example is from Two Fifteenth
Cookery Books.  

 The recipe is:  

 Guissell. (Note: Taken from Douce MS.) Take faire capon broth, or of
beef, And sette hit ouer the fire, and caste therto myced sauge,
parcelly and saffron, And lete boile; And streyn the white and the
yolke of egges thorgh a streynour, and caste there-to faire grated
brede, and medle hit togidre with thi honde, And caste the stuff to
the broth into the pan; And stirre it faire and softe til hit come
togidre, and crudded; And then serue it forth hote.   

 I have found the translations into modern English online, however
the word "Guissełł" itself is not translated.  

 Now I did find on Cindy Renfrow's website the following in her

 Iusselle,  Iuschelle, Iussell, Jussel, Jossel, Jossle, Juselle,
Gusschelle, and Guissell =   The name comes from O.Fr. jussel,
meaning juice or broth, and derives
from Latin juscellum meaning
soup. Some recipes contain fish roe; some use just breadcrumbs mixed
with eggs and chopped herbs. This mixture is poured into boiling
broth and stirred until it comes together as a mass. This is then
taken up and served.  A familiar modern equivalent would be
StoveTop(tm) Stuffing.   

 However, I'm concerned that translating it to "broth" is a bit
misleading to the what this dish is. However, I'm not sure "stuffing"
is appropriate either since it is not used to stuff anything with.  

 Any suggestions?  


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