[Sca-cooks] Apple Pillows, Chicken Buns, Oil Choices, oh my.

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>>** So the oil thing. I was at a loss of what to use to "fry/roast "
>>them in. Should it have been a dry fry? I fried in about 1/4 inch of
>>liquid. I went with butter for the flavor, and canloa oil for the
>>ability to take the heat.  So now, I'm wondering how do i get to a
>>closer choice  as to the appropriate oil. Trade documents to see what
>>was imported? Household records?
> Where is the recipe from?
> Knowing that will probably be a good indicator of what to fry in. Be aware 
> that a lot of animal fat was used (butter, lard) and vegetable oils were 
> pretty rare. Olive oil was available in some places but not always used as 
> food (much was used for lighting fuel and some for religious purposes).
> Dragon

The recipe is from Augsburg, Germany circa 1553, The Cookbook of Sabina 

The Welser family was one of the wealthiest in Europe at the time and had 
extensive trade connections.  I believe they were originally traders in 
textiles, and that Bartholomus Welser traded in sugar, spices, and African 
slaves in the early 16th Century, before becoming a moneylender to emperors, 
kings and princes.  Along with the Fuggers and the Hochstetters, they had 
little problem in getting what they wanted.

IIRC, oil is called for in several recipes which I believe is olive oil. 
Fat is sometimes called for and I believe there may be a call for butter in 
one or two of the recipes, but I haven't gone over the cookbook thoroughly 
for several years.


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