[Sca-cooks] Cookbook Bibliography

Sam Wallace guillaumedep at bellsouth.net
Sun Jun 15 11:09:23 PDT 2008


I am working on a bibliography of period cooking resources. I say "period," 
without specifying as to which one. Indeed, many of these fall outside the 
medieval range, but are interesting just the same. I plan on making this 
available online fairly soon and wanted some feedback based on my draft. At 
this point, I have about 500 references. One of the things I am including is 
how to get the listed works. Unfortunately, I have found quite a number of 
works that I cannot figure out how to acquire. I would appreciate any 
informaiton as to how to get these. I obviously would like a pointer to any 
works that I missed. I am very well aware there are plenty more out there.

Here is a link to my draft:


Please let me know what you think.



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