[Sca-cooks] Tamarind

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 16 09:04:42 PDT 2008

> I have oft wondered about the tamarind drink.
> Tamarind drinks are very popular in the Arabic countries,
And in South America as well. I've tried various types
of tamarind and never really liked it. But this was
surprising. I guess because that gobsmacked whallop
of tamarind is diluted so the floral essences of the
fruit come out.
 > Did you use pods?
I bought a cake of pulp at a local Middle Eastern market
then broke it up in a large bowl and covered with water.
I let that sit out, covered, on a counter all day then
strained out the water. The dregs were DISGUSTING 
looking! And the smell didn't encourage me very much
But after mixing with an equal part of sugar and cooking
it down to a syrup then combining in a 5:1 water/syrup
ratio, it was really nice.
> Serena da Riva
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