[Sca-cooks] Candied pineapple

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 17 08:23:11 PDT 2008

Saint Phlip wrote:
> I have just acquired 10 lbs of candied pineapple. Anybody have any
> interesting suggestions for things to make with it? I'm not a big fan
> of desserty type stuff, but breads or other more savoty types of
> things would be of great interest ;-)
It's a funny time of year for it, right between the holidays where 
fruited breads are traditional, like Easter and Christmas.  If you can 
hold onto a pound or so, save it for your Christmas cake or mincemeat.

I would totally chop this up and put it in banana bread though.  I 
usually use the recipe in THE JOY OF COOKING, it's easy and reliable.

Include in a dried fruit dish at warm-weather events.  I like to put out 
dried apricots, raisins etc. in a dish to sneak electrolytes into the 
guests at my pavilion. 

Give to a Harry Potter fan.  In Book 6, there's a professor who is very 
fond of candied pineapple and this becomes a minor plot point.  [There, 
I think I got through that without spoiling anything.]

That's what I can come up with off the top of my head.  Silly imagery!

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