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Also Epulario 1598 (easily searchable at work) has these for cheese  
and butter. The egg one at the end is just for fun! No relationship  
to the cheese or butter discussion.

I haven't tried any of these recipes to see how they turn out.

Anyone else?


195) To make Curds of Almonds in Lent.
Take blanched Almonds and stampe them with Rosewater, then with two  
ounces of Sugar, ten ounces of Rosewater, and halfe a pint of Pike or  
Tench broth, (for the broth of other sea or fresh water fish is not  
good, and let not the broth be very salt but somewhat thicke) temper  
them together, and straine it so hard that there remaine no part of  
the substance of the Almonds in the Strayner, let this Curd stand for  
the space of one night, and put it in a dish or other vessell, and in  
the morning you shall find it curdy like curds of Milke. And if you  
will you may put them into greene leaves or other hearbes like Cheese  
curds, or let it stand in the dish, strawing it with Sugar or  
Annyseed Comfigs, you may adde thereto a little flower because it  

196) To counterfet Lenten Cheese Curds
  Take a pound of blanched Almonds and stampe them as aforesaid, then  
take foure ounces of Sugar, an ounce of Rosewater, and a glasse full  
of fish broth aforesaid, and of the same fishes broth : then temper  
them together & strain them thicke, then forme them and send them to  
the Table in a dish or upon a plate, strawing it with Sugar and  
Annyseed comfets.

197) To counterfeit Butter.
  Take a pound of blanched Almonds as aforesaid, & stamp them and  
straine them with halfe a glasse of Rosewater, and to make them curdy  
put a little flower or half a glasse of Pike or Tench broth, with  
four ounces of Sugar and a little Saffron to make it yellow,  
straining it thick, then make it in fashion of a dish of butter, and  
set it all night to thicken against morning in a cold place.

198) To counterfeit Egges.
Take Almonds and blanch them well and stampe them, tempering them  
with Rosewater that they bee not oiley, adding some Pike broth that  
is fat, and strain them like milke, then take halfe a pound of clean  
Rice according to the quantity you will make, which seeth in halfe  
the milke made of the Almonds : take also three ounces of the best &  
whitest flower  that may bee gotten, and dissolve it in the other  
halfe of the milke, then let it boyle for the space of halfe a  
quarter of an houre, stirring it with a spoon, and let it not tast of  
the smoke : this done, take the Rice aforesaid and all the milk, and  
strain it hard with your hand, for the thicker the better, and forget  
not to adde good store of Sugar, then take a quantity or part of the  
said composition as much as you think good, which you shall make  
yellow with Saffron, and thereof make round Bals like the yolks of  
Egges, then take two wooden moulds in forme of Egges, and if you have  
no moulds in stead thereof take the made yolkes of Egges, compassing  
them about with the white composition, making them round like egges,  
and so lay them in the dish, and they will shew like hard Egs without  
shels, & tempering a little of that white stuffe with Rosewater and  
Sugar, whote or cold as you thinke good, they will shew like curds.   
And if you will use them dry cast none of that liquor upon them, but  
in stead thereof cast Sugar beaten small.


Food is life. May the plenty that graces your table truly be a VAST  

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On Jun 17, 2008, at 2:34 PM, Terry Decker wrote:

>> euriol wrote:
>>> I was playing and reading on almond milk just last week. You  
>>> should be able
>>> to take any cheese recipe and just substitue the almond milk for  
>>> the amount
>>> of milk called for.
>> Are you sure?  Does rennet set almond milk?
>> -- 
>> Antonia di Benedetto Calvo
> I doubt it, since I don't believe almond milk contains casein.   
> However, the cooked almond milk can gelatinize.
> Ein Boch von Guter Speise and Das Kochbuch von Sabina Welserin have  
> almond cheese recipes which either depend on the gelatinization or  
> on the mixing of almonds, almond milk and dairy products.
> You can find Alia Atlas's translation of Guter Speise here: http:// 
> cs-people.bu.edu/akatlas/Buch/recipes.html
> and Valois Armstrong's translation of Sabina Welser here: http:// 
> www.daviddfriedman.com/Medieval/Cookbooks/Sabrina_Welserin.html
> Bear
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